Software Releases

Clavis -- a contention-aware user-level scheduler for Linux

Clavis is a user-level implementation of one of the flavours of our Distributed Intensity (DI) algorithm. Read about DI in our ASPLOS'10 and USENIX'11 papers.

The Linux symposium paper on Clavis can be accessed here.



AKULA is a tool for rapid prototyping and evaluation of schedulers on multicore processors and clusters of servers. Read more about it in our PACT paper. Download here.

Base Vectors

Base vectors are small applications designed to stress a particular architectural resource in the microprocessor. They are useful for exploring architectural properties of hardware and of applications. Click here to read our WIOSCA 2007 paper on base vectors.



TPC-C is a popular database benchmark. Our group has its own implementation on top of Berkeley DB. It is called TpccOverBkDB and currenlty runs only on 64-bit Solaris/SPARC and Solaris/x86 platforms. It can be easily ported to other Unix platforms. Download now!