Systems Research

The systems group, led by Dr. Alexandra Fedorova focuses on problems related to multicore and parallel computing. We design operating systems and VM hypervisors that enable applications to take better advantage of multicore hardware; we build parallel programming environments that make programming parallel applications easier; we work on systems support for transactional memory and on many other exciting projects. We closely collaborate with industry. Among our research partners are Sun Microsystems and Electronic Arts Black Box.

We are looking for new members to join our group. We have opportunities for undergraduate as well as graduate students. To qualify, you must have superb academic record and strong leadership qualities. You must love challenge and be excited about technology. If you think you qualify, click here to find out more.

Systems group (all but four members) at the Technology Camp day on August 18, 2009.


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Dr. Alexandra Fedorova


Micah Best (co-supervised PhD)
Sergey Blagodurov (PhD)
Daniel Doucette (MSc)
Nasser Ghazali-Beiklar (MSc)
Ali Kamali (MSc)
Vahid Kazempour (MSc)
Viren Kumar (MSc)
Shane Mottishaw (MSc)
Craig Mustard (undergraduate RA)
Juan Carlos Saez (co-supervised PhD, Complutense University, Madrid)
Mark Roth (undergraduate RA)
Ananth Narayan Sankaranarayanan (MSc)
Sergey Zhuravlev (MSc)



Daniel Shelepov, BSc (Microsoft)
Aron Brown, BSc (Electronic Arts)
Pouya Alagheband, BSc (graduate student at UofT)
Daryl Hawkins, BSc (Microsoft)
Stacey Jefferey, visiting undergraduate (UWaterloo)